Urahara solves to understand more about the matter further, however, states it requires big date

Urahara solves to understand more about the matter further, however, states it requires big date

They ask yourself exactly what Inaba desires having Nozomi

Later on, Urahara, picking right on up a light rule away from Ichigo’s Reiatsu, and you can recovers your throughout the Dangai, trying to find fragments of information on development of Mod-Souls in the act. Urahara later on discusses the fresh new not very likely characteristics away from Ichigo’s recovery from the fresh new Dangai, stating what Ichigo discussed would generally speaking getting hopeless. The guy demonstrates to you you to definitely Inaba is indeed in search of the fresh Dangai due to the fact of your own Mod-Souls information. Urahara speculates he used this informative article in order to make brand new clones from this new Gotei 13 captains, and you can Nozomi verifies their observance. As he requires her if or not she know every with each other, Nozomi suggests Inaba created the Mod-Souls. Nozomi shows his previous regarding Endeavor Spearhead, enabling Urahara understand Inaba’s full determination. [115] After, Urahara reveals in order to Rukia that he features ended Nozomi is actually a Changed Soul, due to not being able to sense any Reiatsu out of this lady and this new unusual, possibly phony, healing stamina she placed on Ichigo. [116]

Tessai, informing Urahara you to numerous Reigai were stuck within their trap, asks once they will be move on to the next thing. Urahara believes, as well as prepare so you’re able to frost area. [117] Later on, Inaba grabs Nozomi and you may ruins Ichigo’s leftover powers. Immediately after Urahara food Ichigo’s wounds, men and women gathers during the their store to discuss the alternative. Uryu miracle why Inaba several times tried to kill Ichigo first. Kisuke demonstrates to you it is probably while the Inaba never carry out a good Reigai out of a become having Hollow vitality, which means that found Ichigo getting a risky variable. Kisuke theorizes on the best way to fix Ichigo’s energies. He states one to of the having the kept Reishi of Ichigo nevertheless in the Kototsu, they are able to utilize it therefore the Reigai tech in the SRDI to assist Ichigo. Once the Ichigo happens to be rather than Reiatsu, he will manage to circulate freely regarding the Dangai, to make your the only person who will obtain the Reishi. Kisuke, offering him good Reishi collector, puts Ichigo towards the Dangai. Ichigo after emerges unharmed on Reishi the guy gathered. [118]

Kisuke asks others to go into this new Dangai basic while the decoys when you’re Kisuke, Ichigo, and Kon simply take another entrance, since Kisuke’s Reiatsu-covering up cloak and you can Ichigo’s insufficient Reiatsu enables them to circulate unnoticed. Effortlessly infiltrating the SRDI, they set to really works restoring Ichigo’s energies. Urahara cards he’ll not be able to heal Ichigo’s Empty powers, and since he is maybe not a good Reigai, it may carry out a-strain to your Ichigo’s heart. Until the processes is carried out, the system starts to self-destruct. Ichigo, swallowing this new Mod-Soul, partially regulates their Reiatsu. Kisuke is definite Inaba have an in the past-right up studio someplace else that they are able to use so you can stabilize Ichigo. With the help of Yoruichi as well as the captains, they stay away from this new SRDI since it is surrounded by the newest Reigai. [119] Because they try to find Inaba’s facility, Kisuke establishes Ichigo need remain trailing, because of his inner turmoil, and you will attach your having a beneficial “Kin” spell. Carrying out a bit of research from the SRDI and you will tenth Division, the guy cards an enthusiastic inconsistency ranging from Inaba and you will Nozomi’s particular reports about the pasts. He ends these people were you to definitely Mod-Heart split in 2 throughout the Reiatsu of the real creator from Mod-Souls. [120]

Yet not, Kisuke notes the procedure is unpredictable, causing Ichigo’s inner Empty to begin with going wild

Urahara discovers analysis leading him for the Colony regarding Maggots finding Oko Yushima. After defeating the latest Reigai guarding the latest studio, Urahara and Kon select Yushima into the an excellent catatonic county. [120] When you are Urahara suspected which, he finds out a little shadow of bloodstream on to the floor belonging so you’re able to Inaba. Looking at they, they can find Inaba’s real lab. Coming in, it view it has been guarded from the a good Reigai out-of Urahara themselves. The guy instructs Kon in order to sneak in while he faces the newest Reigai. [121] [122] When you look at the fight, Urahara observes the latest Reiatsu of your resurrected Oko Yushima. Later on, s up with Urahara to help you defeat Reigai-Urahara. It go into Inaba’s lab, in which Kisuke, alarming Reigai-Nemu Kurotsuchi, removes the girl Mod-Heart key regarding the Reigai. Setting menchats Kon into it, the guy directs him so you can Ichigo towards over-Mod-Soul out-of their Reishi. [123] Kisuke theorizes it does simply briefly restore Ichigo’s efforts. [124]

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